Manhattan High Rise, Snap Frame, Pole and Base Assembly


The new Manhattan 'High Rise' Snap Frame Pole and Base Assembly, offers a unique way to display Snap Frames up to AO size. Ideal for large public areas ∗ (In this display with A1 Frame) Specifications: Pole - 2metres high, 80mm x 40mm oval in shape with square ends, made from anodised aluminium with a satin silver-grey finish, has end-to-end grooves on all 4 sides which allow for easy adjustment of the height of the frames. It offer the ability to have double-sided or even multi-sided display depending on the size of the frames. Base - Rectangular 380mm W x 475mm D x 30mm H, Painted silver-grey matte finish, weight 6.0Kg for stability, non-skid nylon feet